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Please meet Arnold  Year 5, Eagle Class.

He is the new school blogger



FS2, Sparrow and Robin classes have been learning about different mini beasts and what kind of different mini beasts their are.



Y1, Swan and Puffin classes have been learning about the different habitats and animals that live in world.



Y2, Wren and Flamingo classes have been drawing self portraits of themselves and drawing pictures of this week art subject.



Y3, Merlin and Finch classes have been using rope and blue paint to make tsunami waves.


13th May 2016

This week latest blog



Y4, Kingfisher and  Kookaburra classes have been looking at the rainforest and what kind of things there are in the rainforest: animals and food.





Y5, Pelican and Eagle classes have been doing some work on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Y5 have also just recently been on a trip to go to the Olympic Park to see the Aqua Olympics. Khalid and  Abigail got a chance to be interviewed during the break.




Y6, Toucan and Kiwi classes have been reading about Wolf Brother as well as reading Wolf Brother Y6 have just finished their SATs!  A big congratulations to you all in Y6 and the staff and teachers.

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