FS1, Owl and Penguin & FS2, Robin and Sparrow Bee Keepers lesson

FS1 (Owl and Penguin classes) and FS2 (Swan and Puffin classes) enjoyed their visit from the Bee Keepers from Essex Honey Company on Monday 23rd May 2016.

The children learnt the difference between bumblebees and honey bees, they learnt about how the queen bee works within the hive making the honey. They looked at all the different equipment that a bee keeper might use when extracting the honey from the hive.

The children said that they really liked looking and learning about being a bee keeper and all the children got a sample of the honey to take home to taste!

The staff were very impressed with the questions that the children were asking.

IMG_9874 IMG_9877 IMG_9878 IMG_9879 IMG_9884 IMG_9885 IMG_9886 IMG_9887 IMG_9888

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