Empty Classroom Day



The runners up pictures is displayed in the hall way at school for everyone to enjoy.

“Empty Classroom Day”







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On Friday 17th June 16, the whole school took part in Empty the Classroom Day. We got off to an excellent start with a whole school assembly. It was great to hear the school committees telling the rest of school all about Empty the Classroom Day and what we were going to get up to.

The school was buzzing, as Year 6 started first with outside sewing and arts and crafts lessons making bean bags.

Year 2 followed doing maths in an active way and just loved working on 1/4 and 1/2 turns.

Year 1, took part in an energetic Tenergy lesson, ‘let’s get fit!’

Wow! Year 5, your chalk drawing were amazing, some fantastic ideas showing great imagination

Year 3, you had great fun drawing around yourselves, how exciting and glad it was lovely weather.

Nursery and Reception also joined in with the day working on constructing, using different things in the playground, very enthusiastically!

FS1 (Nursery) had fun trying to balance and found it a bit tricky 👌and had fun in FS1 making ‘gingerbread men’! 🍪☺️

Nursery tended to their herb garden, lovely Rosemary … makes us hungry for roast lamb! 😋.

Nursery bathed their babies, so lovingly.

Foundation Stage, practiced their maths skills playing snakes and ladders. We used our throwing, hitting & hand eye coordination skills in FS2! 🎾

The children said they thoroughly enjoyed the day and had so much fun playing outside!! We thank you for letting us be part of this great day and hope you like our pictures.



28th September 2016

On Friday 23rd September 2016, Emily Holt from the “Keep Britain Tidy” part of Eco schools came to the school to present us with a Runners up prize. The prize was a picture commissioned by Chris Packham the presenter from the Really Wild Show. The wonderful picture is of otters and it shows that wildlife suffer from pollution and fly tipping in the environment. We are really proud to have been lucky enough to have been presented with this amazing prize.




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